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Winter coming soon also means snowfall is coming soon. While it brings us the magic of the holidays, snow accumulation and water accumulation can be damaging for your roof. Even if our homes are designed to face winter precipitations, accumulations can be damaging. Read this article to know what to do with snow on your rooftop.


Prevent: the best way to avoid trouble; what do you need to know?


  1. Be wary of warmer periods: In Quebec, we go more and more through winters with large temperature swings. With longer days starting in January, the accumulated snow on your rooftop slowly melts, which can be quite damaging for your roof. Snow and water from the snow melting flow down to the dips in your roof and transform into heaps during colder times. This situation will block the outflow space and will make water from future melts flow in the opposite direction of the shingles, creating an infiltration.
  2. Low slope roofs: The lower the slope of your roof is, the more there is an accumulation risk. We recommend you call upon our de-icing and snow removal services more frequently, to prevent an eventual accident caused by water clusters at the base of your roof.
  3. Proceed to periodic maintenance of your roof: repair, annual inspection, gutter cleaning, etc.


What are the warning signs of an overload of your roof:


  1. Doors and windows not closing anymore or difficult to open and close;
  2. Sagging ceiling;
  3. Cracks in the ceiling or on the walls;
  4. Listen to your house: If your house starts to make unusual sounds, such as cracking or bursting, it could be a warning sign that your roof is overloaded.


Prevent water infiltrations!


While many think snow accumulation is the cause of water infiltrations, ice formations at the edge of your roof, acting as a dam, is the real problem. As the picture shows, warm periods melt the snow, and the resulting water transforms to ice when the temperature gets cold again.

During the next snowfall, there is then water accumulation at the base of your roof, since access to the gutters is impossible. It’s at this moment that the water turns back and infiltrates through the shingles.

During our snow and ice removal operations, our team will remove a layer of ice at the edge of your roof to free up your gutters. Our technique doesn’t damage your shingles in any way, for a worry-free winter!


Call upon a professional


As bold as you may be, it’s risky to work on your roof on your own. CAA wrote an article on the matter, and they recommend the use of a professional. At AP Toitures & fils inc., your safety is important to us. Which is why our experts are available to remove the ice and the snow from the roof of your house. All members of our team use a harness on the belt and the appropriate tools to do their work efficiently and safely. To prevent snow overload and water infiltration on your roof during winter, think about AP Toitures & fils inc.!