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There exists a plethora of shingle color choices on the market. From red to black, from gray to green, and more. So, how to make sense of it all? What are the factors to consider before choosing the right shingle color?

Here are some important aspects to consider to guide you through your choice of shingle. It’s important to make the right choice before proceeding to installation.


The classics

Brown, black and grey are the classic colors that we mainly find in Canada. In addition to enduring over time, they provide a more elegant and neutral look to your home.

Obviously, take into account your neighborhood roofs. Do you prefer to blend in to the environment to follow the neighborhood’s uniformity or do you want to stand out?


Your localization

Some color trends are found predominantly in cities, others in the countryside. For example, darker colors like black and gray give a more industrial look and can better blend into an urban and modern backdrop. More natural tones are better highlighted in rural regions (brown tones near a wooded area, for example).


Dare different colors

A thing to take into account is that certain municipalities have rules and restrictions regarding certain bolder colors.

If that’s not your case, you can then ask yourself : do you want to blend in or stand out? Originality can definitely bring a plus to your property. A wind of change never hurt anybody! Discover different color choices available to you.


Roof and siding

The siding and the roofing must be chosen together to maximise harmony between the two. Once installed, it’s too late to change your mind. Colors that are not complementary are easily noticed. Think about it carefully, test colors and compare shingle samples with the siding before deciding on your roof color.


Make the right choice!

Are you more visual? See what your new roof is going to look like thanks to Visualizer, an online tool from our supplier BP Canada. Click here to try it!

Finally, after having chosen the perfect color for your roof, call upon professionals for its installation, maintenance and repairs. AP Toitures & Fils inc. can repair your roof in less than a day! Check out our website for all the details.