ap toitures et fils inc

Having your shingle roof replaced can seem like a long and arduous process. After all, most people don’t know what this entails, and frankly, it seems complicated. Hence the beauty of letting the pros like AP Toitures et Fils take care of it! One shingle roof in one day, it’s possible! But how do we do it? Timeline of a work day. 

6:30 AM

The team arrives at 6:30 am on site, ready to start their work day. They don their safety gear, take their tools out and then go on the roof. For the next 2 hours, they rip off the old roofing. To ensure an efficient roof replacement operation, 6 to 7 employees are on the roof, while 2 others stay on the ground to clean up during the de-roofing process. A magnetized roller is then used to catch all the fallen nails that may be hidden in the lawn.

8:30 AM

Between 8:30 and 9 AM, depending on the situation, the materials arrive. The new shingles are hoisted up to the roof in its entirety. Thanks to that, the materials are always at arm’s reach of the roofers. They don’t waste time having to get up and walk every time they need a new package.

Rest of the day

From the moment the material arrives, off they go! Installing the new shingle at an almost superhuman speed and precision, only a day is needed. Once the work is done, everything is cleaned, put away, put back in its place. Nothing is left behind!

In the event that the roof takes more than a day to complete, it makes no difference: everything will still be put away and cleaned. The goal is that if ever you had planned to eat dinner outside or having friends over, you can absolutely do it! It’s as if the roofers were never there!

The process of having your roof replaced is then quite a well-oiled machine, designed to make the customer’s life the easiest possible. So, make your life easy, and call on the CAA Québec-recommended experts over at AP Toitures et Fils for all your roofing works!