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Our specialists inform you of the importance of roof maintenance. It is crucial to entrust it to a professional who will know what actions need to be taken to ensure its durability and also avoid the worst. A well-maintained roof is a resistant roof!

Today, would you be able to say with confidence that your roof is in good shape? At AP Toitures et Fils Inc., asphalt shingle roof specialists, we want to to inform you about the importance that you should give to the yearly maintenance of your roof by a professional to avoid the worst headaches…

What are the advantages of entrusting my roof maintenance to a master roofer?

By doing business with a professional roofer for your periodic maintenance, you are making sure your roof lasts longer. But that’s not all! Preventative maintenance has other very interesting benefits, such as:

  • Maintains optimal waterproofing and durability of your roof coating (asphalt shingles, membrane for flat roof) for longer;
  • Prevents water infiltration;
  • Gives a better quality of your interior air;
  • Allows a better energy efficiency of your building (less heating or cooling costs);
  • Gives a superior comfort;
  • Lowers or eliminates completely urgent (and often costly) repair risks.

Professional maintenance of your roof in 2 steps: inspection and repair…if needed! With binoculars or by climbing on the side of the roof, you can spot damaged shingles, but to be really safe from water infiltrations, nothing beats a professional inspection. An expert can recognize the slightest anomaly that could render your roof vulnerable, such as:

  • A crack in the membrane;
  • Wavy, flaky, badly installed shingles;
  • A blocked drain conduit;
  • A bad insulation;
  • A deficient roof design;
  • Vermiculite;
  • Rusty flashings.

By entrusting your yearly roof maintenance to a professional, you can start targeted repairs that will allow you to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

What is the best time for the inspection, maintenance and repair of my roof? Never postpone to tomorrow what can be done today! Obviously, it’s preferrable to wait for winter to pass to proceed with the inspection and maintenance of your roof. However, know that it is possible to do urgent repairs all year long!

At AP Toitures et Fils Inc.,  we recommend to our customers to see to the maintenance, repair and renovation of their roofing (asphalt shingles, gravel, elastomeric membrane…) between March and May or between September and November. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us to get a free quote without any engagement!