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Winter is making its way here in Quebec and the nights are getting colder and colder. Even if your shingle roof is fairly recent, it’s essential to take some time in autumn (or before the first snow drifts) to make sure it’ll make it through the season. With snow piling up and Quebec’s high humidity levels, precipitations are heavy and are a risk factor for roofs. Here are our experts’ tips to preparing your shingle roof for the Quebecois winter.


Gutter cleaning (ideally in autumn)


Cleaning your gutters is paramount before the frost. Remove all debris that could have lodged themselves in the gutter and get stuck. By doing so, you reduce the risks of ice buildup and gutter dam formation.

Not cleaning the gutters could damage them, increase snow accumulation and maybe even create a humidity buildup along the under face and the eaves.


Prevent ice dams


If you’re aware that an ice damn forms every year in your gutter, it’s possible that humidity is building up in your attic, or that its insulation is insufficient. If that’s your case, we advise you to have your roof inspected by our team to help you avoid recurring ice dams. Persisting ice dams can cause structural damage to your roof.


Examine your shingle for potential broken spots.


Asphalt shingle is at its weakest in winter, as it becomes crumbly when temperatures reach below -5 degrees Celsius. Also, frost accumulation on it can create waves on the roof. Which is why it’s important to check the state of your roof before the arrival of large snow drifts. Look for missing shingles, breakages or possible holes, or even deformations. In the case where your roof is damaged, you need to replace the shingles to avoid an eventual water infiltration.


Verify your ceiling


The apparition of cracks and also humidity could be a sign of water infiltration or a damaged roof. If that’s your case, don’t wait before contacting our team for an inspection, because your roof could be at risk.

Other signs include thuds, cracking noises, a cold draft, etc.


Have your roof inspected in autumn


While usually recommended for flat roofs, the annual inspection of your roof by the experts at AP Toitures & Fils inc. is not to be taken lightly. The best time is during autumn, but it can also be done at any time, before the first snow drifts. We offer an inspection service for your roof, but also for your soffits, your chimney, your ventilation and your skylights. Our certified roofers can help you prevent complications stemming from water infiltrations and a broken roof.

By having roof problem prevention in mind, it’s necessary to take the time for preparing your roof for the upcoming winter. The weight of the snow and the buildup of humidity can cause irreparable damages, which require large-scale initiatives. If you think your roof could get damaged, we suggest you call AP Toitures & Fils inc. and to take a look at our blog article concerning the initiatives to take.