Professional Maintenance of Your Roof: The Best Way to Extend Its Life

Professional Maintenance of Your Roof: The Best Way to Extend Its Life

Our specialists let you know how important your roof’s maintenance is. It is imperative that you entrust a professional with it; that person will be able to tell you what action should be taken to ensure your roof is in good condition, therefore avoiding the worst. A roof well maintained is a roof that is resistant and lasting!

Would you, today, be able to say that your roof is in good condition? As Montreal’s West Island’s specialists in asphalt shingle roof, AP Toiture et Fils Inc. wants to inform you about the importance of a professionally done, yearly maintenance of your roof, in order to avoid the worst…

What Are the Advantages of Allocating Your Roof's Maintenance to a Professional Roofer?
By asking a professional roofer to do the periodic maintenance of your roof, you are extending its overall life. Still, there’s more to it. A preventive maintenance yields other interesting advantages, such as:

  • Assuring an optimal waterproofing and durability of your roofing (asphalt shingles, flat roof membrane);
  • Avoiding water infiltration;
  • Improving the interior air quality;
  • Improving the overall energy efficiency of your property (lower heating or air conditioning costs);
  • Improving your comfort;
  • Diminishing or even suppressing the risks of surprise urgent repairs (often very expensive!).

Your Roof's Professional Maintenance in 2 Steps: Inspection and Repair… If Necessary!

You can certainly spot a few damaged singles with binoculars or by climbing on the edge of your roof, but nothing beats a professional inspection to truly make sure it’s waterproof. An expert can recognize the slightest anomaly that could make your roof vulnerable, including:

  • A breach in the membrane;
  • Wavy, shattered or poorly laid shingles;
  • A clogged drain pipe;
  • Poor insulation;
  • Inadequate roof design;
  • Presence of vermiculite;
  • Rusted flashing.

With an annual maintenance of your roof done by a professional roofer, you can undertake targeted repairs that will help prevent the situation from deteriorating.

When Is the Best Time for My Roof's Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair?

Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today! Obviously, it's better to wait until winter is over to inspect and repair your roof. However, know that urgent repairs can be made during any season!

At AP Toitures et Fils Inc., we recommend to our clients of Montreal’s West Island (Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Beaconsfield...) that the maintenance, repair, and renovation of their roof (asphalt shingles, gravel, elastomeric membrane...) be done between March and May or between September and November. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate, free of commitment!