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Elastomeric membrane: a durable and visually appealing roofing solution

Of all the roofing materials commonly used in Quebec, elastomeric membrane is becoming an increasingly popular choice among building owners—and for good reason. Elastomeric membrane roofing has a host of benefits that make it a solution well worth considering for your next roofing project. Interested? The team at AP Toitures Et Fils—Montreal and the West Island’s asphalt shingle and low-slope roofing experts—put together the following blog post to help you learn more about elastomeric membrane, a roofing solution that can last up to 30 years (sometimes even longer!).

What is elastomeric membrane? 

Elastomeric membrane is a durable, dual-layer roofing system that’s ideal for covering large flat surfaces like low-slope residential roofs. It consists of a base layer and a granule-based finishing layer that’s available in various colours to suit different roofing needs. (White roofing, for instance, helps reduce the urban heat island effect.) The two layers are fused together with a torch to create a particularly hardwearing and weather-resistant membrane.

What are some advantages of elastomeric membrane roofing?

In addition to being highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, waterproof and weather resistant, elastomeric membrane roofing:

• Has a high tolerance for temperature variations
• Is shock resistant
• Can be installed in any season, even winter
• Requires only minimal maintenance
• Contributes to reducing the amount of waste materials in the environment
• Provides excellent value thanks to its exceptional longevity

Installing elastomeric membrane roofing: a delicate task best left to the pros
Because of the highly precise methods involved in the process, always entrust the installation of elastomeric membrane roofing to professional roofers with the necessary expertise and experience to get the job done right.

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