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Asphalt shingles are definitely one of the most popular options in Quebec for building roofs. This roof material has many unknown benefits. It underwent many modifications and optimizations to adapt to 2020 needs. See how this roofing material is a good option for your building.


Great value for money


Compared to other options available on the market (steel, aluminum, cedar, etc.), costs are lower. Its popularity allows for great accessibility for most roofers and sellers. There are also many types of asphalt shingles with varying benefits to suit many different situations, such as adding fiberglass in the reinforcing layer of the shingle. With all the additional benefits that asphalt shingles give, this roofing material has nothing to be jealous about from other more costly alternatives.


Easy installation, maintenance and repair


We’re confirming it, asphalt shingle installation is easy, quick and safe. It’s also a lightweight material that is easy to handle. At AP Toitures & Fils inc., we guarantee you an efficient service in less than a day!

For maintenance, a simple visual inspection is required each year. If in doubt, you can always ask for help from a specialist at AP Toitures & Fils inc. who will check if the material is damaged or weakened.

Concerning repairs, they’re very easy and quick to do for roofers. They don’t require major works (unless the damage is major).


Resistant and durable


In Quebec, we have temperatures at both ends of the spectrum: a very hot and humid summer, and a very cold winter with lots of precipitations. These meteorological conditions require great weather resistance. Asphalt roof shingles are also a good option against strong winds and it’s rated A against fire. It’s thus the perfect choice for Quebec weather.


Color and style variety


Because of its great popularity, asphalt shingles offer a lot of style, color and texture options. There are even high-quality shingles imitating other materials such as slate or cedar. Also, no matter the shingle quality, a great color palette is available to choose from, to properly match the exterior coating of your building.


Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency is not necessarily an aspect considered by the buyer upon purchasing, but it’s not to be underestimated. During the installation of the shingle, there’s also the installation of a base layer, which increases your building’s energy efficiency. During winter, the base layer helps keep the warm air inside, making you save on your electricity bills. There are also certain types of shingles on the market that are specially designed to reflect sunlight to help keep the fresh air inside during summer.


Book for 2021


Now that you know about all the benefits of choosing a shingle roof, it’s important to choose your roofer well. At AP Toitures & Fils inc., we have the lowest prices on the market and a 10 year warranty. Also, our supplier BP offers as well interesting warranties depending on the chosen shingle! Given that our calendar fills up quickly, we suggest you reserve your place for 2021 right now, so that your roof might be replaced next spring. We also give you the possibility to obtain a free quote in less than 24 hours! Contact us right now!