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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to change our ways of thinking, of acting and, for businesses like AP Toitures et Fils, of operating. Indeed, what does this new reality mean for the shingle roofing pros? Interview with Peter Massie, owner of AP Toitures et Fils.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, what measures have you taken to protect your employees’ and your customers’ health?

P: ”In addition to maintaining all the already-established security measures, all our roofers now wear a mask and safety goggles. Also, we equipped ourselves with additional equipment for our employees’ hygiene, such as chemical toilets, hand washing and hand sanitizing stations. This minimizes any possible contact between our roofers and our customers, because they are completely autonomous during their work. Additionally, we can complete a roof in one day, so this reduces the risk of contact even more. Finally, our employees maintain appropriate social distancing by avoiding working on the same roofing section.”

Now that construction work and thus shingle roofing work has resumed, what does it mean for your business?

P: ”For starters, we immediately took things in our own hands and maintained good communication with our customers during quarantine, in addition to communicating effectively with new customers wishing to have their shingle roofing replaced. Indeed, the customer has always been at the center of our priorities, evidenced by our membership to the OPC Also, we maintain contract order to make sure each customer doesn’t wait more than he or she is supposed to. 

Now that work is resuming, our roofers are motivated.They were eager to get back to work and it shows! We’re completing contracts one after the other and we’re keeping up the pace.

We’re confident we will quickly make up for the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic!”

As we can see, AP Toitures et Fils manages this exceptional situation very professionally. Not surprising, being a member of the APCHQ. For all your shingle roofing needs, contact AP Toitures et Fils now and see for yourself why they are the #1 reference in roofing in the West Island!